Family wealth management can be complex.  At Apexbloom Finance, we understand the complexities and the delicate balance required to meet each of our clients’ objectives.  That’s why generations of families have put their trust in us to help meet their goals for their families and their futures.

The main risk control we use is diversification.  Typically our largest equity position makes up less than 5% of a client’s portfolio.  We are proactive in shifting between asset classes when market risks change.  The investment monitoring is daily as our portfolio managers’ sole responsibility is the performance of the investments.

Asset Mix

Our clients can expect a rigorous review of key global economic and capital market indicators within the disciplines of fundamental, quantitative and technical research. We are not looking for short term fluctuations, but rather cyclical trends and long term secular changes in asset classes. Once the potential asset class rankings have been established, an asset mix is selected that best suits our client’s risk/return profile. Following, we highlight some of the criteria used in assessing potential asset class returns.


  1. Monetary policy
  2. Interest rate trends
  3. Inflation trends
  4. Fiscal policy


  1. Historical valuation measures
  2. Earnings & Dividend yields
  3. Relative yields


  1. Momentum models
  2. Relative strength
  3. Moving averages


Apexbloom Finance is an active manager. We are constantly reviewing holdings and always seeking better opportunities. Our search concentrates on fundamental analysis of industry dynamics and company operations. We also use analysis of technical market factors and computer-based quantitative research which rates company profitability, liquidity, financial soundness, and valuation measures. Our preference is to have a carefully researched and focused list of Canadian, US and international equities.

For the most part we hold investments in large capitalization companies that are highly liquid.  This avoids the dangers of being caught on the down side of a cycle with an investment that cannot be sold.  Large cap stocks provide liquidity, small bid-ask spreads, and an abundance of current and historical information available for analysis.

Fixed Income and Cash Management

Our major focus in fixed income management is on anticipating interest rate trends and positioning clients’ portfolios accordingly. Emphasis is predominantly on quality. Equity analysis of companies gives us an insight into changes in the credit worthiness of corporations and provides an opportunity to include a corporate component to enhance total return.

Cash positions will reflect the clients’ need for short term liquidity, and our outlook for the equity and the fixed income markets. Cash is usually invested in Treasury bills or money market instruments.

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